Flash flood blocks Highway 95 near Culdesac

CULDESAC, ID - U.S. 95 was blocked for two hours Tuesday night due to flash flooding one mile outside of Culdesac near mile marker 288.

"Wow the whole f***ing hill is washed out," yells woman. "Oh my God it's coming over the road right now. I'm videotaping this..."

Idaho State Police Sergeant Kevin Rouse said thunderstorms and heavy rains around 7 p.m. caused debris to quickly overtake the highway. The muddy water flowed down the hillside and began to make its way along the side of the road.

"It took probably thirty minutes for the water to accumulate, but once it finally started coming downhill it started to overwhelm the culvert here at marker 287, and pretty much just closed the road with debris," said Rouse.

Rouse said the road was not damaged, but the Idaho Transportation Department had to spend several hours scraping all of the relocated debris to clear the road for travelers. The flood created a river along the side of the road before it flowed over the road itself.

Rouse said flash floods are unavoidable when traveling but it's always smart to slow down when the weather starts to shift.