Flooding in downtown Colfax closes Hwy-195 Wednesday morning

COLFAX, WA - The city of Colfax is recovering after melting snow flooded the downtown area Wednesday morning.

According to Colfax Police Chief Rick McNannay, water started rushing down Canyon Street at about 9:00 Wednesday morning. Canyon intersects Main Street, which is also Highway-195, and emergency responders had to close the road for a short period of time while they waited for the water to stop flowing.

"We just sandbagged businesses and tried to keep the drains open, and essentially let mother nature take its course," said McNannay. "And the water eventually worked its way through town."

McNannay said they don't have an estimation on how much property damage resulted from this flood yet, but a couple cars were towed away from the area. The flooding carried a lot of debris and rock into the downtown area, however no one was injured.