Flooding in Potlatch, Idaho has residents searching for alternate routes


This may look like a lake along Highway-95 near Potlatch, but it’s actually the Palouse River. According to the National Weather Service, the water stage was at 16.4 feet with the flood stage at 15-feet. Residents say they’ve seen a lot of flooding this year.

“I mean this is the fifth time water has come up, this last one is the most dynamic because it's actually gotten on to the road,” said Brett Hogaboam, Potlatch resident.

This is drone footage taken Wednesday morning of a driver getting stuck in water along Flannigan Creek Road. Witnesses say she was driving too fast and got stuck.

While the water along this road may look very extensive it's only about a foot deep, but that hasn't stopped the problems for drivers all day.

“Certainly if they're not driving a four-wheel drive with good ground clearance their going to have to take an alternate route and there aren't many,” said Hogaboam.

Flannigan Creek Road is actually an alternate route in town, because the bridge that goes over Rock Creek Road is closed.

While residents in the area say this is not the worst flooding they’ve seen, others say there is not much that can be done at this point.

“Well I mean what can you do it's the weather..”

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