Former City of Lewiston Reserve Officer speaks out

LEWISTON, ID - The firing of Deb Klaudt resulted in the termination of former reserve officer Matt Hosking, who voiced his opinion about the Lewiston police department on Klaudt's facebook page.

The comment talked about low moral in the department and how Hosking didn't want to be associated with LPD anymore. Hosking, who said he's served the city for seven years as a volunteer, tells us that he didn't feel the facebook comment should've resulted in his dismissal.

"I walk in and I get slammed with, yea you don't work here anymore," said Hosking. "I mean they didn't even show me the company policy of why I couldn't work there anymore. They just told me you're being let go because of this violation."

"He had made an expression of dissatisfaction with the police department on a social media outlet which was brought to my attention," said Lewiston Police Chief Steve Orr. "So in his best interests and the best interests of the city, I released him from that program."

Now a social media policy restricting employees from posting negative comments about the department was put into place one year ago which Hosking did know about. He said he's already applied with the Clarkston reserve officer program, where he hopes to continue to serve the LC Valley. LPD still say he can re-apply with them in 6 months.