Former US Ambassador to Kuwait addressed Syrian conflict at forum

MOSCOW, ID - Former United States Ambassador to Kuwait Richard LeBaron spoke at the University of Idaho Wednesday evening as part of the university's Martin Forum.

LeBaron said that the conflict in Syria is one of the biggest challenges in the Middle East for the United States. He believes it's a good thing that the U.S. approached the situation cautiously because the country doesn't have much of an appetite for another war in the region.

"But we do have to address this dire humanitarian situation," said LeBaron. "I think they've stepped up pretty well to assist the refugees and the people displaced in Syria."

He said that it's going to take a while to sort through the conflict in the Middle East and that the U.S. will need to work with its allies in that region and in Europe. LeBaron also said that Iran is a continuing issue in the Middle East regardless of their nuclear weapon status because they're a medium-sized power with oil reserves in China, Japan, Europe, and even the U.S.