Former volunteer designates CASA as beneficiary in will

LEWISTON, ID - A local organization was shocked to receive a large donation from a former volunteer.

"Just speechless in how much somebody can give," said Lewis.

Court Appointed Special Advocates executive director Gay Lewis was floored when she received a $7,000 check from a former volunteer who passed away in April.

"We received a check for close to $7,000 and a letter saying that there was more coming once her estate was settled," said Lewis.

The money will benefit CASA, an organization that advocates for children in court. Lewis says 56-year-old Janet Snow was a loyal volunteer with CASA, and that she strived to be a voice for children.

"Her dedication was amazing," said Lewis.

Amazing indeed, however it was months after Snow succumbed to cancer when Lewis found out that CASA was like family to the former volunteer.

"We had no idea that CASA was beneficiary in her will," said Lewis.

Snow's dedication to the children and spirit of caring continued even from beyond the grave. The money she left behind will benefit local children with advocates who are trained to help them through some of life's most challenging moments.

"This money will help us in recruitment and training and continual training for the volunteers so they can do the best job possible, to help abused and neglected children," said Lewis.

Lewis says they're holding a benefit in Snow's honor this Valentine's day as a tribute to her most caring of hearts.

Go to WWW.DISTRICT2CASA.ORG for more information about the event.