Four from Lewiston participate in parade for Obama's Inauguration

LEWISTON, ID - Four members from the Lewiston firefighters pipes and drums are getting ready to represent our area in the 57th Presidential Inauguration at the nation's capitol.

Captain Jeff Jenson said that a total of 20 bagpipers and drummers from Idaho are playing together in the parade that's expected to last for two hours. Jenson and the other firefighters who are leaving for DC Friday, said that the reality of being invited to such a special event is still setting in.

"We've never played in front of that many people before, they say at the inauguration there will be 800,000 people," said Jenson. "I don't know how many people will be along the parade route but that's a lot of people."

Jenson said that his group is taking donations from the community. Anyone who's interested in helping them with their travel expenses can drop off a check at Potlatch #1 Federal Credit Union or at the Lewiston Fire Administrative Building on Idaho Street.