Gas prices in the Lewis-Clark Valley remain high

CLARKSTON, WA - The Associated Press reports for the first time in two decades the United States extracted more oil than it imported. A big step as the country moves away from using foreign oil.

Across the state and the country the price of fuel is slowly but surely letting up. And according to Triple-A Spokesman Jennifer Cook it's a development that might be here to stay.

"We are expecting without any incidents that prices will continue to trend downward for the rest of the year," said Cook.

But for some reason as the cost of fuel drops in our region, prices in the Valley remain on the high end. In Clarkston, we compared the lowest and highest prices from today. The Washington side of the river is sitting at $3.49. The lowest cost at $3.39 and the highest cost at $3.59. Compare that to an average of $3.39 in Spokane and $3.02 in Seattle. Cook said the eastern part of the state generally gets higher fuel prices because of the transportation costs for crude oil.

In Lewiston we found an average of $3.41 for the city with the cheapest cost of $3.39.

"And then as we hit that time period where refineries start to do their maintenance and switch from winter fuel blends to summer fuel blends," said Cook. "And that typically happens mid-to-late February."

Cook said the increase in gas prices generally lasts until the summer.

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