Genesee's American Legion Post 58 visit five cemeteries and conduct formal ceremony

GENESEE, ID - In continuing coverage of Monday's Memorial Day ceremonies, we followed Genesee's American Legion Post 58 on their annual tour of local cemeteries.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us how the post shows their appreciation for fellow soldiers that have passed away.

"May the ceremony of today deepen your reverence for our departed friends and comrades," said Pastor.

Genesee's American Legion Post 58 is made up of local veterans... like former fighter pilot Bud Hall.

"Spent 28 years, four in the Army, 23 in the Air Force, two in the Royal Air Force, and three with the Marines," said American Legion Post 58 Ceremonial Squad Leader Bud Hall.

Every Memorial Day they visit five local cemeteries and conduct a ceremony like this to formally recognize veterans that have passed away.

"My dad is here and my brother is here, and they're over there side by side, and so I have to always come up here and honor them," said Army Veteran Don Hermann.

(shots fire)

"I just come every year that I can for this," said Lewiston resident Donna Myers. "I admire our military so much, and our freedom so much."

The American Legion Post fires shots to remember their fellow soldiers

(shots fire)

But community members we spoke with said the sound of the trumpet resonates with them more than anything.

(taps playing)

"Well the taps I guess, it's the saddest part," said Myers. "But, you know, it makes me remember all those that lost their lives to keep me free."

The simple ceremony is a reminder of the true meaning of Memorial Day.

"It's important that somebody remembers the people that gave their lives and served in the service to keep our freedom," said Hall. "It seems like sometimes it sort of fades away, but we need to think about that."