Giant poplar tree falls on house from severe wind storm Tuesday night

PALOUSE, WA - Trees weren't only falling down into roads and on power lines Tuesday night, they were also falling onto houses.

Jenee' Ryan spoke with a homeowner who is literally picking up the pieces on the Palouse.

"I was at work," said David McKeirnan, tenant. "Landlord called and told me that I basically needed to find a new place to live."

Not because he's a bad tenant, but because at about 5:30 Tuesday night, a giant poplar tree fell on the house he rents in Palouse.

"The wind kicked up, probably 60-plus miles an hour," said home owner Michael Knapp. "I was putting a bunch of equipment and stuff away. Coming from the field from farming and uh, a couple trees snapped fell right on top of it."

Luckily, the bigger of the two trees missed the house. But the one that did hit it, caused some extensive damage.

The storms winds also caused a live power line to fall into the yard and they did lose power but luckily had generators on hand.