Gold's Gym move will more than double square footage for gym

LEWISTON, ID - Gold's Gym Lewiston is relocating to the vacant Walmart on Thain.

Gold's Gym Lewiston is competing to have one of the biggest Gold's facilities in the Northwest, now that plans to move into the vacant Walmart on Thain are getting finalized.

According to manager Darrin McGeoghegan, the owners of the franchise have plans to close a deal on Tuesday. McGeoghegan said they're still in the planning stages, so he doesn't know any exact move dates, but he speculates it'll be within three to six months.

"Then we'll be able to do a lot of the planning, the floor plans and figuring out when we're going to actually be able to move over from here," said McGeoghegan.

The current Gold's Gym on Bryden Avenue occupies approximately 25,000 square feet. With plans to use a little more than half of the vacant Walmart building, the move will more than double the size to 60,000 square feet.