Gordon Trucking carry images of missing and exploited kids on trucks

CLARKSTON, WA - Almost 23,000 children are reported missing in Washington State every year. Two agencies are working together to bring them home, but they need your help.

Washington State Patrol is partnering with Gordon Trucking Company by providing pictures of missing children which are put on the trucks.

"The goal of the program is to increase visibility of missing and exploited children by posting their information on trucks along the highway," said Washington State Patrol Sergeant Dave DeVere. "The hope is that drivers might see one of the photographs, make a phone call and give information if they've spotted them somewhere."

Gordon Trucking is the 24th largest trucking company in North America. With nearly 1,700 trucks out on the roads, a lot of people are bound to see these pictures. If you see one and you have information about a child you see, call your local law enforcement immediately.