Governor Otter signs Guns on Campus Bill into law

LEWISTON, ID - Students, staff and visitors will soon be able to take concealed guns onto Idaho's college and university campuses if they have the appropriate permits.

Governor Butch Otter signed the gun bill into law on Wednesday despite the push back from school administrators and law enforcement.

L-C President Tony Fernandez said regardless of what they previously felt, LCSC will conform to the new laws, even though they'll come with a price.

"Our initial estimates is that it will run at least a quarter-million dollars perhaps more," said Fernandez. "In order to train our security personnel and others with the realities of the new situation, we will also need to look at buying some equipment storage equipment for weapons we don't have now."

"First thing we need to examine is what sorts of policies we need to have in place so that we are complying with the law and maintaining that level of safety we've always enjoyed," said LCSC Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Andy Hanson.

Otter issued a statement saying he backed the bill to protect second amendment rights. The new law goes into effect on July first.