Grammy Award winner headlines Rockin' on the River

CLARKSTON, WA - It's that time of the year again for Rockin' on the River and this year's headliner is a former frontman of Grammy Award winning rockbands.

It's become a yearly tradition that local music lovers look forward to. Since 2001, Rockin' on the River has brought many big name artists to the Valley like Joan Jett and Puddle of Mudd. This year is no different with headliner Scott Weiland, former front man of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver coming into town.

"It is a family friendly event, but it's a rock and roll family friendly event," said volunteer coordinator Brenda Bonfield.

Bonfield said the event has gotten so popular people from all over make it out for the weekend.

"So many people from Spokane, Portland, Boise Seattle come in and the hotels are sold out.," said Bonfield. "And they buy gasoline and go to restaurants and such so it's really good economically for our community."

And it's not just spectators who travel to the Valley for Rockin on the River. Bonfield said they try to get local bands to be openers for the headlining artists so they can get exposure. But as of late, they have bands from all over the Northwest trying to get in on the fun.

"Now that Rockin' on the River has become so big acts from Seattle and Portland and all around are contacting us to try to be openers," said Bonfield.

While Rockin' on the River may seem like it's just a great time for friends and family, there is actually a purpose behind the event. Marketing Chair Wendy Price says all proceeds from the concert will be donated to many local charities.

"I guarantee Rockin' on the River donates to some charity, some community organization that will touch you in some way," said marketing chair Wendy Price.

Price said they won't know which charities they'll donate to until they know how much money they've raised. After all the money is counted they'll divide it amongst organizations here in the Valley.

"It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it might be a year from now," said Price. "But these organizations are out there to help you and we support them by you supporting us."

Bonfield said the gates open at four this Saturday and the opening acts will start performing at five.

Price said tickets purchased in advance are $27and $35 at the door.