Grangeville resident accepts plea agreement for identity theft

BOISE, ID - An Idaho man is guilty of stealing people's identities and using them to buy items on credit.

Jordan Schoo, 34, of both Grangeville and Nampa took a plea agreement in Boise on Tuesday for five counts of identity theft.
Schoo admits to creating false driver licenses using other people's information then putting his own picture on the cards. He created at least ten of those ID's to buy high-ticket items both online and in stores.

Schoo now faces a maximum of five years for every count of identity theft, on top of a two year mandatory sentence for aggravated identity theft.

"In a case like this where the defendant was from Idaho and was preying on people, some of whom he knew," said US Dept. of Justice Attorney, Wendy Olson. "This is a big case for Idaho."

Think you're a victim of identity theft? Here are some tell-tale signs.
The obvious red flag is an unauthorized credit or debit card purchase on your statement. Unexpected credit approvals for a loan or a credit card you've never applied for is also a sign. And finally, instant credit decline, collection letters and email account issues often happen after your identity is stolen.