Grant application for Asotin Marina sediment removal project in the works

ASOTIN, WA - The city of Asotin's boat launch hasn't been used in more than ten years, but that might change soon.

The Port of Clarkston is helping the city write a grant for a new design of the marina area. With the way the marina is designed right now, sediment builds up making it difficult for water to flow in and out.

Port Auditor Jennifer Bly said it's very expensive to have the sediment removed each year, and right now no one can afford that. She said it's a long process as well. It could take anywhere from six months to a year to get approval for removing the sediment, but she said this is a project worth the time and effort.

"It's all economic development," said Bly. "Even though this is for recreational purposes, it helps stimulate the economy in our little town. We want the public to be able to enjoy it, the way they did in the past."

Not only would people be able to use the marina area, they'd also be buying things from the local market, purchasing gas, and doing things that help the economy. Bly, along with other city and county leaders are going around Asotin asking for letters of support from various businesses and groups. The application for this grant has to be in by July first. So far, they've come up with a figure of close to $80,000.