Gravel and de-icer trucks ready for first snowfall in L.C. Valley

LEWISTON, ID - Road crews from both the city of Lewiston and the city of Clarkston are ready to put their hard work to the test as the first snowfall of the year is on it's way.

Keeping the roads clear and slick-free this winter doesn't seem to be a concern for either city.

"One thing about this time of year is it's not our first rodeo," said City of Clarkston Public Works Director Jim Martin. "The crew prepares for it right after the summertime to get ready for this. The gravel is loaded up, the de-icer is loaded up, ready to jump it, the first phone call we get."

"Now that we've got all of the equipment and all of the time, effort and of course the expense of getting all of this equipment ready, we just hope it snows," said City of Lewiston sleet manager Jim McKelway.

It takes roughly three months to adequately prepare equipment for the winter months. This year the city of Lewiston will keep the roads safe with it's four snow plows and sanders and three de-icer trucks. Because the city of Clarkston's terrain isn't as steep as Lewiston's, just one snow plow, sander and de-icer rig is utilized.