Gritman Hospital upgrades 4 students involved in UI explosion to good condition

U OF I EXPLOSION.transfer.jpg

The explosion at the University of Idaho involving four students are now recovering in the hospital. Due to privacy issues, Gritman Medical Center is not releasing any more details about the injuries they sustained, or their names, but we do know they have been upgraded to good condition.

The investigation continues to get more details on what went wrong. Students from the Northwest Organization for Rocket Engineering, a student club, were testing experimental fuel in this parking lot near the University of Idaho’s steam plant. But something went wrong and the fuel exploded.

These are pictures from the scene Thursday night showing the massive emergency response. It happened just before ten o’clock.

U of I Vice-President Daniel Ewart says the four students were testing fuel for an experimental rocket. They didn’t intent to launch the rocket. Ewart says they used a device made up of galvanized pipe, measuring about a foot in length and an inch-and-a-half in diameter.

“I guess if I were there I might have been watching or something but I’m just glad they're ok now and in recovery,” said Austin Dupuis, student.

That’s the sentiment on campus from both students, administration, and the community: That the victims will be ok.

The FBI is also investigating, but Moscow Police Chief James Fry says it is not a criminal investigation.

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