Group of Pullman parents say school bond is long over due

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman taxpayers will vote on a $53.5 million school bond in February that would fund the remodeling of Pullman High School and add classrooms to Franklin Elementary School.

A group of concerned Pullman parents have joined forces to encourage their fellow citizens to pass the bond. They said the high school building, that was originally construction in 1972, has many inefficiencies.

"It was time when I was there 20 years ago, so now that I have kids coming that way, I see a need," said Citizens for Pullman Schools co-chair Danielle Kallaher. "There's a big safety issue, lots of exits and entrances, and I'd like to see that fixed."

If passed, the bond would reconstruct 70% of Pullman High School, and renovate the other 30% over a four-year period. The new high school would be more energy efficient, Title Nine compliant, and students won't have to walk through classrooms to get to class.

The elementary school addition will relieve crowding in classrooms. Citizens will vote on the bond February twelfth. If it passes, property taxes will increase for Pullman residents by %1.62 for every
thousand-dollars of assessed property value.