Grove Apartment fire responders recognized at badge pinning ceremony

PULLMAN, WA - Looking back on 2013, the Grove Apartment fire in Pullman was one of the most memorable breaking stories we covered here at KLEW News.

Here's some of the footage we shot when it happened back in July. Pullman Fire Chief, Mike Heston said it wasn't only the fire of the year, it was the fire of his career. At the department's last badge pinning ceremony, Heston commemorated the hard work of the Pullman firefighters who took care of the blaze.

"The folks that are on site initially did a great job right off the bat, and their quick decision making and calmness led to the positive outcome of that whole fire," said Heston.

Five of the first-responding firefighters received Distinguished Service medals. Many more received Unit Medals of Valor. Two police officers received awards for helping catch the man who ignited the blaze.

Pullman resident Brian Kitchen is currently being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for starting the fire. It caused about $13 million in damage.