Guests tour high security JPI Worldwide facility

CLARKSTON, WA - JPI Worldwide, a company that provides technological infrastructure in remote areas, works with clients like the United States military.

Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Nolan said because their operations are so sensitive, she feels the community doesn't have a full understanding of what the company does.

"We have the chain link and the barbed wire, no signage and I think there's been some misconception about what this company does," said Nolan. "We really just wanted to share all the great things we're doing."

JPI Worldwide opened their doors in Clarkston in 2007. The company provides satellite service in remote areas of the world, including war zones. Guests toured the facility and employees explained how they are able to get their technology to remote locations such as Afghanistan. Nolan said next year she'd like to open the event to the entire community.