Guns on Campus dialogue continues with local law enforcement

LEWISTON, ID - A white flag has yet to be raised in the battle over guns on campus.

KLEW News previously spoke to administrators from LCSC as well as the University of Idaho about their opposition to the bill and now we learn educators aren't the only ones against it.

The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association opposes Senate Bill 1254 which would allow concealed weapons on Idaho campuses.

Lewiston Police Department Chief Steven Orr said that while the association and sheriffs in Idaho support the second amendment, they also believe in safety and feel guns paired with in-experienced college kids is not a good mix.

"You got a combination of youth, alcohol and drug experimentation or use," said Chief Orr. "You've got the emotions and stressors of college life and then critical thinking skills that have not developed."

Moscow Chief of Police David Duke also opposes the bill and feels officer safety would be a concern if guns are allowed on campuses.

The bill is headed to Governor Otter's desk and if passed, Idaho would join states like Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin allowing concealed weapons on campuses.