Habitat for Humanity volunteers play catch-up this week to build a house in two weeks

CLARKSTON, WA - It's day five of Habitat for Humanity's "Blitz Build" in Clarkston and even though the rain has put them a little behind, volunteers aren't letting that get them down.

More than 290 people have volunteered to build a house in just two weeks. In only five days, they've put the walls up, the roof is on, heating and air-conditioning is wrapping up, and Rich Goodwin, the on-site supervisor said they hope to start painting the outside of the house by Saturday.

"The rain has set us back and we'll just make do and force ahead next week to try and get caught up," said Goodwin.

Their goal is to have the house finished by the end of next week, and while the rain has set them back they're trying their hardest to finish on time. We'll have another update for you next week.