Handling recreational pot is put under the microscope at public hearing

CLARKSTON, WA - Asotin County Commissioners are looking over proposed recommendations for areas in the county that meet criteria for growing, manufacturing and selling marijuana.

Several people voiced their opinions on pot at a public hearing Monday in front of county commissioners. Connie Hawkins said she's never smoked or tried pot in her entire life, but she has a number of health problems that cause her a severe amount of pain and she believes medical marijuana could help her with that.

"I wanted to apply for medical marijuana, but I don't know anywhere to turn, as far as who to ask and who provides it.," said Clarkston resident Connie Hawkins.

Commissioners have the option to ban the growth, manufacturing and sale of marijuana but they do not have an option to ban the use and possession of it. They're considering public input as well as other criteria to help them make their decision by the end of June when the moratorium is over.