Hart sentenced to prison for three felony counts

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston man is in Nez Perce County custody after he was sentenced to up to six years in prison.

Joseph Hart, 24, appeared in 2nd District Court on three felony counts for robbery, kidnapping in the second degree, and battery. As part of a Rule 11 Agreement with the state, Hart's robbery count was amended to grand theft and his kidnapping count was dismissed.

"The actions, I'm not here to stand before the court and neither is Mr. Hart, going to stand before the court and justify his actions," said Defense Attorney Rick Kuddihy. "He admits that he made a mistake, that was a horrible mistake and by his own words that he's regretted it."

"I'm truly sorry for these things that I have done," said Hart. "I'm sorry for them."

Hart plead guilty to grand theft and battery. In turn, Judge Carl Kerrick sentenced Hart to two concurrent, two to six year prison sentences, with the court retaining jurisdiction for 365 days.