Health care in Whitman County begins to see effects of The Affordable Care Act

PULLMAN,, WA - The Affordable Care Act is changing the way Americans and the medical industry look at health care.

Pullman Regional Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Scott Adams explained its effects on the local community Monday night to the Pullman League of Women Voters. He said the federal government is encouraging some states to experiment with alternatives to the "pay-for-service" business model that has dominated American health care for decades.

"That is probably the most significant engine of influence that's driven up health care costs in America," said Adams.

Adams said alternative options include bundled payments, or global payments. He said Whitman County is just beginning to see some of the effects of The Affordable Care Act, including the expansion of medicaid. Now that more people can get coverage under medicaid, there's a higher demand for both primary care and mental health providers.