Hells Canyon Harley-Davidson dealership opens March 2013

LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston will soon be the home of a new Harley-Davidson Dealership.

Construction crews are in full force at the former auto sales lot at the 300 block of 21st Street in downtown Lewiston where the new dealership is set to open in March of 2013. The dealership will be named Hells Canyon Harley-Davidson and will sell new and used Harleys.

"It's going to be nice, their going to have a lot of room in the front for functions," said Kenaston Corporation Project Superintendent Jamie Knapp. "It will be a nice building."

Crews are currently working on leveling out the foundation before beginning to build on the property. Spokane residents Beth and Greg Ernst purchased the land and currently own Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson in Spokane Valley.