Help Kamiah’s HOSA students travel to HOSA National Competition in Florida


The town of Kamiah is not unfamiliar with overcoming adversity, and just recently, some students at Kamiah High School made a comeback story of their own. But their victory came with some new challenges to face.

Resiliency, determination…it seems to be the motto around the town of Kamiah, and Kamiah High School.

“Our school is a 1A school, so we’re very small,” said Terry Law, Kamiah HOSA advisor.

But for a small school, these health occupation students are doing big things. Take last week for example, when they went up against 34 other Idaho schools at the HOSA state competition.

“Very much a David and Goliath,” said Law.

Some of their competition came from large schools, some offering medical courses at the college level. The odds were stacked against them, but somehow….

“They told us we won golf and I was jumping up and down,” said HOSA student.

They won in multiple categories, earning them a trip to the international competition in June.

“We’re not just representing our town, we’re representing our whole state,” said HOSA student.

But despite their victory, the David and Goliath battle isn’t over yet.

"They're not going to be able to go if we're not able to come up with this enormous amount of money,” said Law.

Last year Kamiah sent six HOSA students to the competition. To send all 11 students this year, the group must raise $13,000.

"Now we're fundraising to send all of us to Florida,” said HOSA student.

Whether it's pitching in to revitalize the entire town, or lending a hand to a neighbor after devastating wildfires, this community is used to coming together in a time of need. And that's what students are hoping happens now.

"Us in little Kamiah, Idaho, we don't get those opportunities,” said HOSA student.

They’re asking the community to come together to show the world what a little town can do.

"I would like to be a pediatric nurse...I would like to be an R.N,” said HOSA student.

So that these future doctors, nurses, and dentists can chalk up another big win for their small town.

If you’d like to help Kamiah’s HOSA students you can donate to the Go-Fund-Me account at the address on your screen, or search Kamiah HOSA on Go-Fund-Me-Dot Com. You can find this and other information about the story on our KLEW Facebook page.

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