Helpful tips to prepare for upcoming gardening season

MOSCOW, ID - The first day of Spring was a rainy one on the Palouse, and experts say that gardeners should wait for the soil to dry out a little before you start digging.

In the meantime, you can prepare by checking the air filter and oil in your mower, and sharpening your gardening tools. You can do that by simply combining a quart of oil with a bucket of sand.

"It can be your used oil, your recycled oil, and just put your tools in there after you use them and it helps get rid of some of the clay, and keeps them from rusting and keeps them sharp," said Whitman County Recycling & Waste Reduction Coordinator Judi Dunn-Gray.

Spring is also a good time to remove the guards from your trees and let them get some air because rodents aren't a concern this time of year. Experts also recommend composting as way to perk up the garden because it works well as a mulch, and you can start a pile using any grass clippings and leaves that you pick up in the yard.