Highway Safety Advocate unveils Idaho Coalition Pgm designed to save lives

LEWISTON, ID - The Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety is moving the state towards zero deaths, as they unveil a coalition program to the public.

Advocate training was held in Lewiston for the Idaho Highway Safety Coalition Program. A program, designed to eliminate serious injury and deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes. National leader of Highway Safety Advocacy Pam Holt spoke to local officers and medical professionals about what they can achieve through outreach.

"Build those partnerships, give presentations, tell stories, save lives," said Holt. "And we're giving you everything to be successful."

"Aggressive driving on the highways, we probably get 15 calls a day on that and it's just people upset about different peoples driving habits," said Idaho State Police Lieutenant, Allen J.Oswald. "And these are all just good points to bring unity and peace on the highway, which is what we all want."

The coalition program being laid out is very similar to Missouri states, which has decreased deaths by almost half. The goal of no more than 200 traffic deaths by 2015 is what ITD is aiming for.