Hilltop Inn owners' dream comes true with expansion

PULLMAN, WA - One of Pullman's oldest family-owned businesses was celebrating its expansion with a grand re-opening Wednesday evening.

The Hilltop Inn invited the community to check out their new hotel rooms and remodeled restaurant that overlooks the city. Owners Ron and Barb Wachter said the hotel is their legacy in Pullman, and the finished product is a dream come true.

"I like the welcoming feel when you come in and you know, we've had a lot of people through here already," said Hilltop Inn Owner Barb Wachter. ""And I like when they're out here and they're going, 'Oh, look at this, look at that.'"

The hotel was under construction for a year, but now there are 56 additional rooms in Pullman, bringing the total number of rooms in the Hilltop Inn to 115. The public was invited to an open house from five to seven Wednesday evening.