Hodges defense attorney filed motion to dismiss grand jury indictment

LEWISTON, ID - A motion to dismiss the grand jury indictment of murder in the first-degree has been filed on behalf of a local woman accused of murder in Nez Perce County.

Natasha Nichole Hodges' Defense Attorney Rick Cuddihy filed a 29-page motion Wednesday that includes several accusations of misconduct by the prosecution. According to court documents, "The prosecutor acted improperly when she coaxed the grand jury toward indicting Ms. Hodges by speaking to them regarding the consequences that the indictment would have on Ms. Hodges standard of living." The document goes on to state how the prosecutor steered the jury away from looking at all evidence, and refers to one example provided as a (quote) "Heinous instance of grand jury manipulation."

The defense states that Hodges has been denied her due process by, what they deem as, the prosecution's cumulative errors and believes that an indictment would not have occurred in the absence of misconduct.