Home ownership becomes reality for Moen Family with 'Blitz Build' house

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston woman and her daughter are close to moving into their new home, which is nearly finished after an amazing three weeks of construction.

Carol Zinke was at the reveal for the project and has this report.

Brenda Moen and her daughter Bree were in need, and the Lewis-Clark Valley Habitat for Humanity Partners were there to help. Professional builders partnered with community volunteers to build their home in just two weeks. This is called a 'Blitz Build' and by working with 12 local churches that came together to sponsor this event, they were able to get things done fast.

"It's nice that people volunteer their time, food and other stuff, for people that they don't even know," said Brenda Moen.

This is Saturday's dedication in Clarkston for Brenda and Bree. Volunteers put together a gift basket with cleaning supplies, toiletries and other things they'll need to keep their future home neat and clean. Bree said what she's excited about the most is having her own space again, after living in a tight space.

"I'm excited about finally having a room again, with a door," said Bree.

Chuck Cram is Habitats' Community Outreach Director. He said around 195-volunteers helped with this project and the support from the community was tremendous.

"Some of them were scheduled to come out for only one shift, but they kept coming back," said Cram. "And, that was nice to see."

"It's nice to see that the community will come out and help," said Brenda.

Brenda and Bree expressed their gratitude during the dedication last weekend, and Brenda said she's helped build three other habitat homes on the same block, prior to helping with her own.

Due to the weather, they weren't able to finish the house in exactly two weeks, but Brenda expects to be able to move in by June first.