Home Rule discussion held with Asotin County Commissioners

CLARKSTON, WA - A preliminary draft for how freeholder officials could be elected into Asotin County government was presented Monday morning to the Asotin County Commissioners.

Respect Asotin County recently turned in signatures to get a Home Rule Charter on the November general election ballot. If the measure passes they'll need freeholders to start working on the charter immediately.

Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jane Risley presented a resolution that mirrors Yakima County's freeholder voting process to the commissioners. She explained to them that they have the final say for how freeholders could be incorporated into the county government.

"If you have an idea or another idea the constitution is very clear that the legislative body is in complete control of how this goes forward," said Risley.

The commissioners will take written opinions on the draft and then a final resolution will be needed to be ready by next week. The commissioners are exploring three different options on how to elect the 18 freeholders into office, should the Home Rule Charter pass. The preliminary resolution states that if there aren't six valid candidates from each district, home rule cannot take place. Any freeholder elected will also be subject to follow the Public Disclosure Act.