Homeless dogs ready for adoption at L.C. Animal Shelter

LEWISTON, ID - If you're looking for a new furry friend, there's no better time to adopt than now.

Right now the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter is overflowing with stray dogs ready for adoption. Each stray animal that comes into the shelter remains there for up to six days. If the animal isn't claimed within that time period and if the shelter is unable to locate an owner, the animal goes up for adoption.

"If you have a home for a pet come out and see what matches your personality and your home style and adopt from a shelter," said L.C. Animal Shelter Director of Operations Donna Duffau.

Eighteen dogs, five of which are puppies and all of which are fully vaccinated and fixed are currently at the shelter and ready for a new home.

For the month of November to purchase a dog, costs range from $60 to $80 depending on the breed and size, while cats under three are $30. Those cats three-years and older are free.