Homes of Hope need twin or bunk beds to give to foster families

LEWISTON, ID - A local non-profit is struggling to help foster families, learn more about what the community can do to help them, help others.

"We get calls almost everyday and we just can't keep up with them," said Homes of Hope Director, Angie Derting.

Homes of Hope is a local organization that helps foster parents care for the kids they bring into their homes. But scarce resources are making that difficult.

"We have doubled in the number of foster kids that we are serving now since last summer," said Derting.

Department of Social and Health Services Media Relations Manager John Wiley said they've absolutely seen an increase in foster kids. And it's tough trying to keep the siblings together.

"It's just a lot better for them for their behavior and for their future," said Wiley.

But that's not easy for foster parents who say they aren't equipped to house all these children.

"We are taking in sibling groups that are four to five children," said Supply Coordinator Shawn McCracken. "And foster parents aren't set up to handle that."

So here's how you can help. Homes of Hope needs twin or bunk beds to give to foster families.

"We need them to be smoke-free because a lot of our children are having respiratory troubles," said Derting.

"It brings such joy to these children, when there's limited joy in their lives at this time," said McCracken. "It's a traumatic time for them and so any little bit that we can do to help is well worth it."

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