Houser Christman Memorial needs your support to help victims of trauma

CLARKSTON, WA - For victims of crime, changing the way they live can be as simple as changing a lock.

"I can actually see a tangible change in them where they've gone from living in a life of fear to they're happy and they're productive," said Executive Director of the Houser Christman Memorial Fund Dan Hally.

Captain Dan Hally of the Asotin County Sheriff's Office assists victims of crime and trauma everyday through his line of work. But what few people know is he truly understands them. In 1987 Hally lost his aunt and uncle to a violent homicide.

"Seeing the need for victims to have some type of financial support whether gas money, food," said Hally. "One of the big things that we do is we change locks."

After learning of a lack of trauma support and training for those who deal with trauma victims, Hally decided to create the Houser Christman Memorial Fund. Through the foundation, Hally works closely with the local YWCA. Children's Advocate Nellie Frost said they're able to send victims who don't necessarily qualify for YWCA services, over to Hally.

"To be able to send them somewhere where they can get help and not feel like they're not continuing to be victims," said Frost.

But, like any non-profit in a tough economy, Hally said the foundation has little funding. Last weekend at the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament, Hally said they raised $2,400 which will serve as the main source of funding for this year.

"Just hope it continues to grow and that we can continue to support not only the victims of traumatic events but those that respond as well," said Hally.

Hally said the organization hopes to raise more money, so they don't have to keep turning people away.

If you'd like to donate services or funds to the Houser Christman Memorial Fund, you can contact Captain Dan Hally at .