How pot will be regulated in Asotin County not getting much input from citizens

CLARKSTON, WA - Asotin County's Planning and Zoning is currently working to put the finishing touches on their plans for marijuana placement in the county, but the commission isn't seeing as much input from the community as they thought they'd see.

Asotin County Planner Karst Riggers said he's surprised there aren't more people giving their input about how pot will be regulated in the county.

"Of course we want as much support as we can or objections as we can too, public input," said Riggers.

He said you don't have to be at the meetings to give your input. You could simply call the office, send a letter or an email. He'd like to have a plan ready to present to commissioners by May and his plan will include opinions from the public.

"They're going to make recommendations to us on the three processes regarding marijuana," said Riggers.

Those three processes include the growing, packaging and sale of marijuana. Commissioners will then take action on whether to approve the recommendations.

Commission Chair Jim Fuller said they plan to hold a public hearing before any action is taken. He also stressed the point of a six month moratorium to make sure Asotin County follows all rules and regulations put out by the liquor control board.

"Not everything has been addressed and we hate to go into anything with loose ends," said Fuller.

Fuller said they've asked the human service board to conduct public information hearings, because they'd like to make sure everyone understands the plans once they've been put together which could result in an advisory vote depending on the recommendations.

If you'd like to be heard, be sure to contact any of the three commissioners or the Planning and Zoning committee.