How will Idaho be affected with the legalization of pot in Washington State?

LEWISTON, ID - The northwest is made up of states that have either legalized recreational marijuana or upheld their stance on medicinal marijuana, however Idaho stands alone.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio tells us how this is affecting the Gem State on the local, regional, and state levels.

With states like Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana. Montana, Oregon and California upholding their stance on medical marijuana, and Wyoming in the middle of trying legalize it. Where does that leave Idaho, the state that's always had a zero tolerance for the drug

"Idaho as a whole and Idaho State Police have seen a trend of larger quantities of marijuana traveling through Idaho from Oregon and Washington which are known legal states traveling to other parts of the country," said ISP Captain, Lonnie Richardson.

Most marijuana trafficking is taking place in the Boise and Coeur d'Alene areas.

"Lewiston specifically is not on what we would call the drug corridor in that we have no major route east or west," said Richardson. "So quantities that do end up here for sale are small."

This right here looks like just your average two liter of Coca Cola but it's far from it. As you can see it twist open and is actually used to hide contraband.

"Whatever it is they try to use to hide or mask the odor, you're not going to be able to fool the dog," said LPD K-9 Handler, Chris Reese.

K-9 Marta has only been with the department for six months, and has already proved to be a valuable tool in the fight against illegal drugs.

"She's very accurate, we've made several cases with her," said LPD Captain, Roger Lanier. "She's a young dog and we anticipate her being around a long time."

They'll do everything they can think of mask the odor to try to fool the drug dog but the dogs scent discrimination ability is so great that they are able to decipher through those odors."

And while a noticeable increase in marijuana has yet to be seen at the local level, a new form of excuses are on the rise.

"Usually saying that they have a medical marijuana card and for whatever reason thinking that medical marijuana card is valid in Idaho," said Lanier.

And when the time comes for pot shops to open their doors across the river, don't plan on bringing it to Idaho, where business will run as usual.

"We wont add extra patrols looking for people as a result of Washington's law taking effect," said Lanier. "It does not effect how we do business here in Lewiston."

Idaho State Police have started issuing drug canines to every district throughout Idaho, with Pocatello and Lewiston being next on the list. In the mean time, LPD canine Martha goes out whenever she's needed.