Hundreds of volunteers make the Avista NAIA World Series successful

LEWISTON, ID - The Avista NAIA World Series couldn't happen without all the support from volunteers.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio joins us live at Harris Field to tell us about all the work they do.

That's right Scott. Year after year the series is made possible with the help of volunteers. I got a chance to speak to some of those giving people. Here's what they said.

"I really like it because the entire town gets involved and I think it's really important," said Third Base Club Volunteer, Paige Blackburn.

Thousands of people visit Harris Field each year for the Avista NAIA World Series, and for one seasoned volunteer the crowds don't stress him out at all, in fact he welcomes them."

"This year I'm like there go to guy," said volunteer David Walker. "Like "go to do this" and then I'll run and do it for them."

The annual event would not be successful if it wasn't for volunteers like David Walker and hundreds of others.

"There's 1,700 volunteers, and it's so awesome to see new people and returning people," said Walker.

"I've been volunteering since 2008 here, and It feels good to give back to the community," said volunteer Susan Payton.

People of all ages help out in any way they can.

"It's fun to meet different people and advertise the area, it brings people in," said volunteer Kathy Steinwand.

From ticket sales, ushering, to food preparation....the volunteers are in charge of it all.

"There's lots of jobs for everyone, people say they don't have time to volunteer but you can do one day if you'd like," said Steinwand.

The Third Base Club, which was created back in 1992 as a volunteer group also gives back by raising money for the LCSC baseball team.

"Huckleberry ice cream, ice cream bars, floats and the money goes back to the baseball boys," said Blackburn.

Without the fast-paced hands and dedication of volunteers, there's no doubt the World Series wouldn't come off as smoothly. So we had to ask why volunteer every year?

"Go Warriors," said Blackburn.

"Go Warriors," said Walker.

"Go Warriors!" said group of people.

That's right "go Warriors." Well in addition to supporting the hometown team all the volunteers said they just love people, so don't forget to stop and thank them yourself when you see them out and about. Back to you Scott!