ID. Army National Guard cancels Sept. training due to cash restraints

LEWISTON, ID - In a time of turmoil overseas, wildfires plaguing the country and civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri the last thing we need is The National Guard not to be training...unfortunately that's the case.

The Army National Guard is short on cash, about $100-million short. Meaning not only will the Idaho National Guard cancel their September training but the entire branch around the country.

Colonel Timothy Marsano said training once a month is important because members of the guard often have other jobs. However, when called upon they have to know how to act and training does that for them.

"It allows the national military to have a reservist if you will," said Marsano. "It also allows that the governor of every state to have a trained organized militia should the governor call us out."

There are more than 3,000 Army National Guard members throughout the state of Idaho, about a third of which are in northern Idaho. Postponing the Idaho training saves the agency just over one-million dollars.