ID. Public TV filmed re-enactment at First Territorial Capitol Interpretive Ctr.

LEWISTON, ID - History is literally in the making at the Territorial Replica Building here in Lewiston.

A team from Idaho Public Television is in town shooting an educational program about Idaho's rich history. Local history enthusiasts were dressed up as they re-enacted a legislative session from 1863, to talk about the placement of the capitol.

"Lewiston has a really fascinating history and there's this whole story of the territorial capitol and how it started in Lewiston and it eventually moved to Boise," said Idaho Public Television Producer, John Crancer. "So what we're doing is an educational segment about that moving of that territorial capitol and kind of that intrigue and the whole history behind that."

This is just one of the many re-enactments that will bring life to Idaho's past. The 12-minute segment's expected to be finished by the end of this year.