Idaho Fish and Game propose lowering hunting age for big game

LEWISTON, ID - Children as young as ten could soon take a shot at bringing down the big game.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game proposes to lower the hunting age from 12 to ten years old for big game hunting. Idaho Department of Fish and Game Youth Director, Bill Seybold said there isn't a big difference between ten-year old's shooting at small game or big game, but that it really comes down to education and adult supervision.

"These kids are taking hunter education they're passing the class they understand the mechanics and rules of gun safety and with a mentor or adult present with them that they can hunt very safely for large game," said Seybold.

If the legislature agrees, ten and eleven-year-old kids could hunt for bear, deer, wolves and elk by as early as July first. The proposal would still require hunters under 12 to have a licensed adult with them and pass a hunters' education course.

The next education course at the Idaho Fish and Game Department in Lewiston will be held February 17th.