Idaho Heal organization hopes to make Idaho the healthiest state in the nation

MOSCOW, ID - An organization called Healthy Eating, Active Living Idaho is determined to make Idaho the healthiest state in the nation.

"Heal Idaho" held a regional meeting in Moscow Wednesday morning with health and planning officials from across the northern part of the state. Boise Transportation Consultant Chris Danley spoke about the importance of facilitating active living through community planning.

"Essentially, how can I walk around from place to place, where I want to go, in a safe and effective way by improving things like sidewalks, and crosswalks and things of those nature," said Transportation Planning Consultant Chris Danley.

Danley said Moscow, even though is already a very active community, there are ways for the city to encourage even more walking and biking around town, like increasing bike parking. Heal Idaho makes environmental and policy change recommendations to communities to improve the state's overall health.