Idaho legislators' bill would revise boating laws governing gross negligence

LEWISTON, ID - As boating season quickly approaches, mariners could soon be feeling the wave of justice as legislators work to toughen boating laws.

A senate committee has agreed that Idaho's boating laws governing gross negligence are too vague and have now backed a measure aimed at tougher punishments for those who risk the lives of others out on Idaho's waterways.

Nez Perce County Sheriff Joe Rodriguez said he's in favor of closing loop holes and promoting safer boating practices for Idahoans.

"The rewording of the law, I'm in favor of to make it more strict and direct towards somebody," said Sheriff Rodriguez. "To where they cant go to a higher court and say it's too vague of how this law is being written and so they're getting away with a crime that they should be punished for."

This proposed bill comes after two separate cases where a judge ruled that the gross negligence law wasn't clear, so the boaters couldn't be held accountable for their unsafe boating. If passed, the old description of gross negligence would be replaced with a new definition.