Idaho Legislatures recap 2013 session at Luncheon

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewis-Clark Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon at LCSC to welcome back the Idaho legislators.

It was the longest legislative session since 2009, and local legislators said they're glad to be home.

"I'm happy to be home and I'll be doing a lot of visiting and lot of different workshops and committees," said Thyra Stevenson.

The welcome back luncheon is an annual event that gives local business leaders and residents a chance to talk to their legislators on issues that matter to them.

"They're gonna give us an update on what they accomplished while they were in Boise this year," said Kristin Kemak.

The 88 day session has produced mixed reviews not only among active voters but also among the legislators themselves.

"The one word I use to sum up the session is cooperation," said Dan Johnson.

"The health exchange topic was the most important one that seemed to just suck the energy out of all of us," said Stevenson.

"Next session I certainly hope we do the reform on medicaid," said Rusche.

Preparation has already begun for the 2014 session, as the hot topic issues seem to be pretty well known.

"I look forward to seeing people and working with them on our hot topics," said Stevenson.

"A lot of it is communicating, dealing with specific issue that people have with state government," said Rusche.

Education, Health Care Reform, and Transportation are the three big issues predicted to dominate dialogue within the legislature next year.