Idaho man diagnosed with fungal meningitis after steroid shot

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - An eastern Idaho man over the age of 60 who received a steroid injection in September has been diagnosed with non-contagious fungal meningitis that is believed to be associated with a national outbreak being investigated by the CDC.

This is the first illness in Idaho linked to the steroid injections. The man is being treated for his illness, but additional details about the man or his condition are not available.

Nationally, an estimated 138 people from 11 states have become ill with fungal meningitis that is linked to the investigation. Twelve people have died.

"We are very concerned for this patient and are working closely with his physicians," says Idaho State Epidemiologist Dr. Christine Hahn, M.D. "We urge patients who received injections from either of these facilities to maintain close contact with their medical providers and notify them if any new symptoms develop over the next few weeks."