Idaho Public Health District confirms bat had rabies in Latah County

MOSCOW, ID - The North Central Idaho Public Health District has confirmed that a rabid bat has been discovered in Latah County.

Rabies poses a public health concern because, in most cases, it's deadly for humans as well as animals. Public health officials urge you to exercise caution and stay away from animals that act strangely because they could be infected with rabies.

"You know, avoid contact with it, but if it does come in contact with them or their pet, then it would be nice to be able to have that animal, that bat, to send it in for testing," said Public Health Idaho North Central District Environmental Health Director Ed Marugg.

Public health officials said that people don't need to be too concerned if you see a bat, because they're most likely healthy. However, pet owners need to make sure your animals are vaccinated. About 15 rabid animals are found in Idaho every year, but this is the first one found this year in the north central district, which includes Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis, and Nez Perce Counties.