Idaho Repertory Theatre: "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

MOSCOW, ID - Every summer, the Idaho Repertory Theatre brings professional actors from across the region to the Palouse for a month of unforgettable performances.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin gives us a sneak peak of one of the productions and explains why the Repertory Theatre is a valuable asset to Moscow.

"Sit back and enjoy the show," said narrator.

The Idaho Repertory Theatre brings professional performances to the Palouse.

"We've got three shows in "rep" in the theater," said Merry Wives of Windsor Director Cynthia White.

This summer, they're celebrating their 60th season at the University of Idaho.

"For an institution like this to continue over that length of time requires not only the dedication of the artists who participate in it, but the dedication of the community," said Merry Wives of Windsor Actor Dan Kremer.

"It's coming back to a university setting, which is always very innovating," said Merry Wives of Windsor Actor Rosalie Hillburn.

"And that's neither here nor there," mistress quickly said.

William Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor is one of this year's performances.

"700 pounds of money when she is able to overtake 17 years old," said man.

"It's very much a play about community, how the community reacts to having someone famous in town," said White.

"It's said that Falstaff was such a popular character that no one wanted to see him killed off, and Shakespeare then wrote a comedy in which Falstaff could return, and that's The Merry Wives of Windsor," said Kremer.

"You have beaten my men, killed my dear," said man.

'But not kissed your keeper's daughter," said Falstaff.

This is really an opportunity for the community to celebrate something that is really a jewel in its artistic crown," said Kremer.

The Idaho Repertory Theatre has only five shows left this summer, and there will be one performance in the Hartung Theater everyday starting Wednesday. You can find the schedule here.