Idaho Rep.Senator Fulcher speculates future run against Gov. Butch Otter

LEWISTON,, ID - For us locally election time has for the most part come and gone, however for those running for governor, the election race is just heating up.

Senator Russ Fulcher is considering running for Idaho Governor next fall. He's traveling the state and talking to Idahoans before he makes his final decision. The possible nominee stopped in Lewiston Wednesday night to address several concerns local residents are having.

"We have the resources, we have the human resources, we have the natural resources, we just need the access to it," said Republican Dist.22 Senator, Russ Fulcher. "And I think it's the policies that drive that access is the answer to the economic growth needs to take care of ourselves."

Fulcher talked about everything from education and healthcare, to gas tax. If he decides to run, he'll challenge Governor Butch Otter who is seeking another term.